ACTION Steps To Create The New YOU...
... By Thomas Nestor 
Thomas Nestor has coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs since 2011.
A Word From The Author
This is a phenomenal book that I’m ‘launching’ with a workbook and Audio/DVD series… It’s something that I’ve been working on for a couple years… Watch Video Below:
Take A Glimpse Inside The Book
  •   Take our ACTION STEPS at the end of each chapter, and discover your hidden fears that may be holding you back.
  •   Learn how to overcome internal blockages immediately keeping you from wealth and career success.
  •   How to eliminate the 7 types of hidden subconscious fears that may be stopping you from being great.
  •   I’m giving you behind the scenes access to this life transformation (and of course explanations on how to do it)
  •   I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your life contagious so people will be drawn to the NEW YOU!
              Thomas Nestor. Motivational Speaker
Thomas Nestor featured speaker for Fortune 500 Companies, as well as, High Schools & Colleges, and author of LIFE 180, presents to thousands each year from coast to coast around the USA.

Thomas was trained to INFLUENCE and SPEAK by Tony Robbins, and from 2013-2015 Thomas delivered over 300 presentations on behalf of Tony’s Robbins speaking to executives, leaders, and students. 

Thomas is a business owner of three different businesses, each of them highly successful in their industry.

Master trainer and coach, Thomas helps people find clarity, develop strategy, scale their business, and holds his clients to the highest of standards.

Thomas is in your face, and in your corner.  If you're interested in growth, success, and significance, Thomas is your guy.
What's Inside?
Thomas Nestor presents a universal, entire, principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. With piercing insights and pointed narratives, Nestor reveals a step-by-step walkway for living with decency, integrity, service, and character-principles that give us the safeguard to adapt to change and the wisdom and effectiveness to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.
Thomas Nestor was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. As a young man, he entered college as an Early Childhood Education major, with an emphasis in Business Administration. He became a speaker in 2011, and has worked with the largest organizations in the world.  He takes what he's learned from personal experience as well as extensive training from Tony Robbins, and delivers a high impact book that will change your life. 

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Looking forward to getting my new book! I know that that these videos and teachings are going to better my life. Thanks Tom
Brendan James 
Just ordered a copy of the book! Can't wait to read it! Your life, thoughts, and points are an inspiration to many and I'm more than grateful that I have an opportunity to learn from you! Thank you!!
I bought my copy, then read it and loved it. Great read.  Simple, yet profound.  I  enjoyed it so much that I bought another copy and gave it to my boss.  Thank you for writing this, it really helped me.
Just ordered my book! The video you made is really good, and gives great insight. Thank you for doing this!
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